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Friday, December 17, 2010, at ANEIR 2010 Gala, the big trophy for the most dynamic bank – Award for the most dynamic Bank – was given to CEC Bank, which has tripled its currency operations and its loans granted to economic operators during a crisis period. The event, organized in partnership with the National Bank of Romania, developed at NBR Club and aimed to reward the companies most active in export field during 2010.

At the ceremony, 27 companies acting in export field (nonferrous metallurgy, tobacco industry, chemical industry, garments industry, oil and gas industry, international transport and dispatch industry, etc.), as well as banks mainly focusing on supporting exporters’ efforts have been rewarded. Among the ANEIR laureates of this year were also companies with a significant share on external market, acting in different sectors as industrial filter industry, metallurgic and cement manufacturing equipment industry, earthwork equipment industry, electric engine industry, forged product industry, stainless metallic radiator industry, cereals industry, geo-synthetic and geo-composite construction materials industry,