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Parteneriat CEC cu Federatia Romana de Rugby

CEC Bank has signed a partnership agreement with the Romanian Rugby Federation for the year 2010. This partnership continues the cooperation from 2009, being based on the shared values of the two parties, symbolized by the oak leaf, as well as on the will of the Bank to help this sport to exit from the shadow having covered it and to reborn as CEC Bank experienced two years ago.

"Supporting the Romanian Rugby Federation represents, more than the financial component, the involvement by the Bank of its available resources to help the re-building of the image of this sport. CEC Bank will offer to RRF its support, both to access European funds and to fund other bankable projects and to promote its image", has declared mister Radu Gratian Ghetea, the CEC Bank President.

Starting with the Romania-Spain match to be held on Saturday, 06.02.2010, at the Arcul de Triumf stadium, the national team of Romania shall wear T-shirts bearing the name of the partner - CEC Bank.