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From 15 to 29 June 2007, the CEC Palace is host to “The Universe of Ilfov County” paintings exhibition, the author of which is Ms. Florica Ionescu. Access to the exhibition is free, from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 AM and 05.00 PM.

Florica Ionescu is a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty, at the Pedagogic Institute of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi. She confessed that the Iasi-born painter, Professor Dan Hatmanu, had shaped her artistic personality. The female artist also attended Orthodox theology courses which turned her focus of creation towards meditation and contemplation and specifically the rural landscape. Ms. Ionescu’s style is reflected by her warm, bright works, which are dominated by a paradise-like calmness of nostalgic and romantic visions.

“In this exercise, practiced with elegance and easygoingness, but inevitably repeated over and over again, the artist conveys to the watcher the mere joy of her inner life in the midst of an environment full of domestic intimacy. She stubbornly promotes the image of an idyllic and conservative reality by toning down the exotic or severely expressive details of an austere and peripheral environment pertaining to a world of resignation and self-reconciliation. Her landscapes are in fact the sum of her emotions, oozing a pronounced animistic nature. The yard gate, the bumpy road at the fringe area of the village, the church porch watched from the window of her own chamber, the mulberry tree in front of the house, all become in the artist’s sensible vision typical figures of a homogenous world that catch the watcher’s eye by its ingenuity” (Corneliu Antim).

From among the exhibits, the following deserve mention: Lacul Peris, primavara (Peris Lake in spring); Floarea soarelui la Cocioc (Sunflower at Cocioc); Gradina casei parohiale Movila (Garden of Movila parish house); Biserica Movila (Movila Church); Toamna la Balteni (Autumn in Balteni); Dudul batran, iarna (The old mulberry tree during wintertime).