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Radu Ghetea Premiul de excelenta Mr. RON

Thursday, March 6, 2011, at the celebration of six years since its appearance on the market, the magazine "Financial Week" ("Saptamana Financiara") honored Mister Radu Gratian Ghetea, CEC Bank President and Romanian Banks Association President, the Excellency Award - Mr. RON, because continued to support the loan granting to the population in this period of crisis.

The award "the Golden RON" was granted to Mister Mugur Isarescu, NBR Governor, because due to its activity, Romania did not enter in incapacity of payment. "The Silver RON" was awarded to Mister Ionut Dumitru, the president of the Fiscal Council, for the competent and strict analysis and competence of government fiscal policies. The "Bronze RON" was awarded to Mister Zoltan Szigeti, President of the Group, because he managed to maintain the holding on profit and in the financial top of the advertising companies, although the industry was strongly affected by the crisis.

The event was attended by politicians, representatives of business and banking environment in Romania. CEC Bank was represented by Mrs. Mihaela Popa, Vice-president.

The Mr. RON awards given each year by the "Financial Week" magazine ("Saptamana Financiara"), reward the great names in economy field having significant achievements either in the benefit of their organizations or in benefit of the public.