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Individuals and legal persons with individual right of signing may obtain access to the Mobile Banking Service if they fulfill the following requirements:

To open a current account in Lei with any CEC Bank Agency, if he/she is not yet customer of the Bank;

To fill-in the Service Provision Contract and the CEC Bank Mobile Banking Service Access Application;

To have a mobile terminal (Smartphone or tab) provided with Android operating system or iOS;

To be the owner of a phone number and mobile telephony services provided by an operator of telecommunications to whom the Bank shall send the SMS containing the activation code and the download link related to Google Play or App Store, as well as to download and install the app directly on his/her device or mobile terminal;

To have a connection to Internet provided by the mobile telephony services or access to Wi-Fi Networks, the concerned service following to be accessed ONLY from Smartphones connected to Internet and Data Transmission Network;

To set a PIN code required for authentication in App and to sign the transactions.

The public section of the App provides the customers with access to the:
- Tutorial
- Exchange rates
- ATMs and branches location
- Information about CEC Bank’s products and services
- Reference index
- Loan calculator
- Bank contact data
- Application registration menu

If they register, clients will have access to:
- Real time viewing the financial status of own accounts
- Payments in lei and in foreign currency, between own accounts, intrabank and interbank payments
- Payments to the State Treasury
- Payments of taxes and duties based on the agreement signed with the MINISTRY OF PUBLIC FINANCE (option valid in the case of natural person clients)
- Transfer from the standard credit line to the current account, in the case of the legal entity clients
- Scheduling regular payment orders
- Pending payments - payment orders which indicate a certain date for payment execution, other than the current date
- NOT STOP Foreign exchanges at firm rates
- Saving products - NOT STOP set up and liquidation
- Payment of utility bills, including by scanning the bar code
- Transaction history - with various options for filtering the transactions
- Intercont Transfer, a function which enables the transfer of amounts from the cards issued by other banks to the account opened with CEC Bank. The amount credited in the CEC Bank account is instantly showed (7 days out of 7);
- Activation / modification of SMS Info service on the card account (for natural person clients and legal entity clients) and on the current account (only for natural person clients);
- Scheduling of cash withdrawals (100% online);
- Opening a current account in another currency (only valid for natural persons with 100% online flow);
- Changing the channel for receiving the account statement;
- Changing trading limits through Mobile Banking (individual, daily, monthly) - option valid only for the natural person clients;
- Personal data profile - display of notice regarding the processing of personal data;
- Card settings:
a. Changing card usage limits;
b. Decreasing the limit for the credit card / debit card with overdraft;
c. Activation / deactivation of installment payments for the credit card;
d. Enabling / disabling 3D Secure 1.0;
e. Regenerating card PIN d.

Access to your accounts directly from your mobile terminal (Smartphone or tab connected to Internet)

Simplicity, security and availability 24/7

Mobility, convenience and comfort

Avoidance of stress and agglomeration

Fees by 60% lower than the standard rate for inter-banking transfers

The deposits in RON made through the CEC Bank Mobile Banking application benefit from a 0.10% interest bonus

Fees by 100% lower than the standard rate for intra-banking transfers

Non-stop transfers between own accounts, currency exchanges at firm exchange rate and creating/ breaking of deposits