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TeleCEC Service addresses to natural and legal person customers, offering them access to the Bank products and services through phone conversations by calling

The Service offers the opportunity to execute the following bank transactions:
- Intra-bank and interbank payments in Lei into the own accounts or the accounts of other holders;
- Payments in Lei to the State Treasury;
- Invoice payments to the suppliers of utilities;
- Intra-bank and interbank payments in foreign currency;
- Deposit setting up and liquidation;
– Currency exchange operations at firm exchange rate.

To consult the current account and card account balances and history, pursuant the display of the executed transactions

To request general information, as:
- The foreign exchange rates applied by CEC Bank;
- The standard interests applied by CEC Bank;
- The bank fees applied by CEC Bank.

Time saving: the travel to the Bank is no longer required for executing current banking operations.

Mobility: all you need is access by phone to order the planned operations.

Accessibility: by only one phone call, banking operations can be executed.

Availability: the working schedule is extended compared to that of the Bank agencies.

Minimum costs: the intra-bank operations are free of charges and the interbank transfer fees are reduced by 50%. Starting March 2014, natural persons receive a 50% discount of standard subscription at Phone Banking - TeleCEC, if they opted for a MasterCard credit card and have not accumulated debts outstanding in the last 3 months.

The deposits in RON made by Phone Banking - TeleCEC benefit from an interest bonus of 0.10%.

TeleCEC Service is accessible if the following requirements are met:
- You have signed the TeleCEC Service Use Contract with the Bank;
- You have a current account in Lei opened with CEC Bank;
- You possess the Digipass/token device under the form of a bank card issued by the Bank;
- You call the telephone number;
- You must communicate to the TeleCEC Service operator, an authorizing code generated by the Digipass/token device under the form of the allocated bank card (same device that allows the access to CEConline Service);
- You must know the answer to the security questions*.
*The security questions refer to the personal data specified in the contract.

Access to accounts and execution of bank transactions are allowed only after the customer generates an authorizing code by using the Digipass/token device under the form of a bank card.

All the calls are recorded, the afferent conversations being considered the evidence for the bank operations requested by the customer.