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The cash deposits may be performed to any CEC Bank unit

The cash withdrawals may be also performed by CEC Bank units other than the unit where the account is open, according to the holder’s option

The holder beneficiates of a sight interest and of the right to empower other persons to use the amount deposited into account 

By concluding a DIRECT DEBIT contract, the bank shall take over the responsibility to pursue and make the current payments of the account holder (phone, electricity, gas etc.) 

The bank may periodically pay fixed amounts upon holder’s request (insurance premiums, rents etc), on terms previously established based on the STANDING ORDER contract

You may perform the following operations by INTERNET BANKING service, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day:
- internal and external payments, in lei or in foreign currency, intra and interbank payments
- planning periodical payment orders
- currency exchange operations 
- constitution of deposits

By using the INTERNET BANKING service you save time, you avoid the stress and crowded places, and you beneficiate also of lower costs per transaction (commissions lower with 60% compared to the commissions asked to the bank`s pay desks)

The extended network of CEC units offers to the Customers, the opportunity to make account operations from anywhere in the country

Rapidity and low costs for performing the account operations

Transparency and safety in performing the account operations
It is open nominally for adult and minor natural persons, in LEI, EUR, USD and other currencies agreed by the bank, to any CEC Bank unit

Credential clauses may be included.

Operations performed through the account: 
- Operations with cash: cash deposits and withdrawals 
- Transfer operations: cashing and payment by transfer in the intra-bank and inter-bank system 
- Exchange operations 
- Operations with cheques, promissory notes, bills of exchange etc.

The interest is monthly recorded in the account.
Original identity card
Annual interest:
0,10% - RON
0,00% - USD
0,00% - EUR

Information concerning the deposits guarantees