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PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN during 8.01.2018-30.06.2018

No advance

No commission of file analyze

Grace period up to 12 months

The Bank offers free consultancy on the preparation of the loan accessing documentation

The possibility of using the Internet Banking service as well as Mobile Banking for visualizing the balance situation (balance, installments, maturity date) but also for current operations (payments, deposits)

When calculating the net income there can be taken into account the family’s all quarrel incomes which are permanent during the entire crediting period

Loan destination: multi-purpose personal needs (without the obligation of presenting justifying documents on the loan using)

Currency: LEI

The value of the loans: maximum 90.000 lei

Own contribution: is not required

Crediting period:
- minimum 1 year, without grace period;
- maximum 5 years, with the possibility of opting for a grace period of maximum 12 months.

Drawdown period: maximum 30 calendar days, in one installment

Loan reimbursement: in monthly installments with maturities permitted in any day of 05th and 20th of the month

The customer’s age at the final reimbursement date of the loan: maximum 70 years, including

Types of incomes accepted by Bank: quarrel net incomes with permanent character (salaries, pensions, agriculture activities, independent activities, rents, dividends, collaboration contracts, intellectual property rights etc.)

Interests: variable during the entire period of crediting:

Standard/without loan through card: 9.08% (ROBOR 3M + 7.00 p.p.)
Together with loan through card: 8.58% (ROBOR 3M + 6.50 p.p.)

For loans guaranteed by collateral cash: 8.08% (ROBOR 3M + 6.00 p.p.)

The level of the ROBOR 3M interest taken into account is, at present, of 2.08% valid on 2 April 2018.

The interest is modified quarterly on January 01st, April 01st, July 01st and October 01st of the year or in the first working day immediately next to the first day of the quarter, if the first day of the quarter is a day-off, with the ROBOR 3M interest valid in the modification day.

The valid value of the indices at the modification date is the one published by the regulatory organization related, with 2 working days before.

Commission of file analyze: 0 lei
Commission of loan administration: 20 lei (monthly, in fixed amount)
Commission of anticipated reimbursement: 0 lei
Unique commission for services provided at the customers’ request: 0

PROMOTING CAMPAIGN between 08.01.2018 and 30.06.2018

Fixed interest rate throughout the lending period: 9.90%/year
File review fee: Lei 0
Loan management fee: Lei 20 (monthly, as fixed amount)
Early repayment fee:
- 1% of the early repaid loan amount, when the timeframe between the early repayment date and the repayment term end date is longer than 12 months;
- 0.5% of the early repaid loan amount, when the timeframe between the early repayment date and the repayment term end date is shorter than 12 months.
Unique fee for the services provided upon the customers’ request: Lei 0

Other cost elements that are not taken into account when calculating DAE (Effective Annual Interest), respectively:

Registration/extension/modification (by case) and cancellation of the movable security on the present and future credit balances of the current account of the customer/co-debtors and of the accounts of the customer’s debit card at the Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property.

Loans interests (.pdf)

Loan fees (.pdf)

Examples of calculation - Standard Products (.pdf)