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By accessing the Import-Export Pack, clients - legal entities which perform import-export activities will benefit from savings of time and money, enjoying easy management and in competitive cost conditions with regard to the financial resources required to operate their businesses.

When purchasing the Pack, the Bank does not charge any fees for opening the current account nor for issuing the Mastercard Business / Visa Business card account.

Mandatory elements:

  • Current account in LEI
  • Debit card account with attached card (Mastercard Business/Visa Business in LEI)

60% discount for interbank payments operated via CEConline/ TeleCEC/Mobile Banking

Optional elements

  • EUR, USD current account
  • Internet Banking
  • Info SMS
  • Mobile Banking

30% discount on standard fees, upon the client’s request for:

- letters of bank guarantee / letters of counter-guarantee (verification of documents / request for execution, authentication of signatures, approval of receipt / modification / cancellation of bank guarantee letter, execution of bank guarantee letter / bank counter- guarantee letter received, sending request for execution of bank guarantee letter and bank counter- guarantee letter received);
- export letter of credit: reinstatement (after expiry), advance notice, approval - increase, confirmation-extension and increase of confirmed letter of credit, document verification, change notice, cancellation, transfer of the letter of credit in favor of another beneficiary, negotiation of documents, assignment notification, modification of assignment, assignment notice, cancellation of the assignment letter, remittance of received credit letter to another bank or modification of such letter, payment within the assignment;
- pre-approval, opening / extension of credit letter, increase, payment, handling / negotiation of documents, discrepancies, authorization / non-use, modification, refusal to pay, investigations

Currency exchange

- in case of amounts below 10.000 EUR/equivalent applicable to currency exchanges of EUR, USD, GBP, CHF for LEI, the standard CEC Bank currency exchange rate +/- 0.0050 will be used. This facility can not be cumulated with the facility offered via Internet Banking/Mobile Banking nor with another facility offered by the Bank in the future.
- in case of amounts above 10.000 EUR/equivalent, the margin will be established depending on the interbank foreign currency market, based on traded volumes.