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Fixed interest rate of 4.49% per annum

No early reimbursement fees

Flexible guarantees through a secured NGFLSME that will cover up to a maximum of 80% of credit amount

Viewing all status and financial transactions on the current account/card can be carried out using Internet Banking services and Mobile Banking service provided by the Bank

The possibility of accessing financing in the form of an investment Credit related to the value of NFA and/or ineligible expenditure within the Government Programs, in order to cover them

Credit destination: financing eligible expenses incurred in the investment project, in the proportions laid down in the financing schemes, in accordance with the Procedures for implementation of the Program

Credit period: maximum 60 months

Grace period: 12 months

Credit value: at least 10% of the amount of eligible expenditure related to the investment project

Currency: Lei

Interest rate on credits granted during the period 2018-2020: fixed rate of 4.49%/annum

Fees for credits granted during the period 2018-2020:

  • Analysis: 0.50% applied to the credit amount, charged on the date of credit file submission
  • Granting: 0.50% applied to the credit amount, charged on the date of first drawdown
  • Granting: 0.5% applied to the credit amount, charged on the date of the first drawdown
  • Early reimbursement: 0%

For any additional request, the standard level of fees will be charged, in accordance with the price policy in force.


  • Guarantee issued by NGFLSME from own funds, covering a maximum of 80% of the credit amount
  • Real / Personal estate mortgages on all goods purchased in the Program, representing a minimum of 20% of the credit amount, a guarantee to be created for the entire value of the goods purchased in the Program
  • Guarantee deposit and/or white promissory notes, stipulated as "no protest" issued by the company in favor of the Bank and availed by the majority of shareholders / associations of majority shareholders / managers
  • Real estate mortgage on the current accounts of the client opened with the Bank in any currency
  • Assignment of the insurance policy in respect of the goods purchased in the Program

Credit reimbursement and payment of interest: monthly