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Credit period maximum 15 years

Grace period of maximum 24 months

No credit commission for the management of the credit file shall be collected

Own contribution of the client may also be in kind (ex: the land on which the financed building shall be erected on or the partial financing of the works comprised in the general selected works)

The Bank offers free consultancy regarding the preparation of the credit access documentation

Credit destination:
- building procurement (buildings, company offices, space for offices, trading spaces, working points, products rooms, warehouses, etc), including the land they are situated on, the land that a construction shall be erected on
- construction (financing of the future construction), rehabilitation, consolidation and extension of the buildings with locative, industrial or trading destination, including the expenses incurred for obtaining the necessary authorisations, permits
- refinancing of mortgage credits contracted with other financing companies (universal banks and mortgage credit banks, National Agency for Houses, mortgage credit companies and other entities regulated by special laws and authorised to grant morgage credits for real estate investments)
- reunification of the ownership (purchase of a part of an immobile out of which it already owns the remaining share)
- paying the rest of the price due as a result of an immobile purchase already done, in accordance with the Law no. 190/1999 with subsequent amendments and completions

Elegible clients:
- any entity established as Ltds, SA sites, NGOs (with double entry bookkeeping) which meets the general crediting conditions, has satisfying results and a good history of the payment behavior in the relationship with the State, business partners and credit institutions, in accordance with the internal regulations of CEC Bank

Credit value:
- maximum 85% of the total value of the procurement project
- maximum 80% of the project value for operating companies making profits
- maximum 70% from the project value for the start-up companies which do not derive income from other activities

- max. 15 years, for the execution of the buildings intended for rent or for productive purposes by the client, or, as the case may be, corroborated with the project implementation period, but not more than 2 years after the investment finalization, if the purpose of the real estate investment is the sale of the construction.

Grace period:
- max. 24 months 

Currency: LEI and/or euro 

- the real-estate mortgage at least over the building the credit is granted for, pursuant to the mortgage credit
- movable mortgage on the client’s current accounts open with the Bank
- mortgage on the debt of the amounts generated by the project, resulting from the sale-purchase/rental (pre)contracts for the financed goods, as the case may be
- surety contract
- assignment of receivables of the amounts generated by the project, coming out of the (pre)contracts of sale-purchase/lease of the financed goods, by case
- general insurance policy, concluded with an insurance-reinsurance company agreed by the Bank, with the assignment of the policy for CEC Bank S.A. 

Credit reimbursement:
- monthly, based on the established reimbursement schedule