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- The working hours of the CEC Bank Agencies during Winter Holidays

CEC Bank informs the public that its territorial units will operate on the following schedule for the winter holidays: - December 24th - normal working hours - December 25th and December 26th - closed...[Detalii]

- Over 550 SMEs benefited from COSME guarantee financing based on the partnership between CEC Bank and the European Investment Fund

During the last six months, CEC Bank has financed over 550 SMEs in Romania under the COSME - Credit Guarantee Facility. The value of such funding was of 120 million lei, thus exhausting the contracted ceiling....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank informs on the new component of the Bank’s management

Following the completion of the nomination process by the General Meeting of Shareholders CEC BANK S.A. and of the approval by the National Bank of Romania, process started in July of this year, the composition of the Bank's management team is as follows:...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches the Savings Account

CEC Bank is launching a savings account, a new savings product for natural person clients....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank funds the Aaylex Group, owner of Coco Rico brand

CEC Bank and the Aaylex Group, the owner of the Coco Rico brand, have signed a financing contract worth 25 million euros, with the aim of refinancing a bond issue. Professional Capital Finance has provided specialized financial advice to Aaylex Group in structuring and implementing the transactions....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank increases interest on Lei deposits

CEC Bank increases the interest rates on term deposits with a fixed interest rate, in lei, intended for natural and legal person – clients....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank, promoting campaign related to the Credit Line

CEC Bank runs a promotional campaign for the Credit Line until December 31, 2019. During the campaign, customers benefit from a lending period extended to a maximum of 60 months, with the possibility of an extension....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank streamlines the granting process for Start-up Nation Bridge Loans

CEC Bank continues its policy of supporting the SME sector and announces the granting of Start-Up Nation Loans with the COSME guarantee, up to 50% of the financing....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank and Transfer Rapid extend the money transfer service on the territory of Romania

CEC Bank and Transfer Rapid announce the extension at national level of the money transfer service successfully used by more than 1.2 million of Romanians from abroad....[Detalii]

- 1,600,000 transactions made through SelfPay pay stations within CEC Bank units

CEC Bank and SelfPay, the leader of the self-service pay station market, experienced 1,600,000 transactions through the 344 pay stations within the Bank units in the first year as of the partnership launch date....[Detalii]