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Between October 22nd and 26th 2018, CEC Bank and the Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration ("FLAME") run the first Financial Education Project for children of Romanian migrants in several Spanish schools, under the auspices of the Centennial Year 2018.

The Romanian pupils included in this Project are those of the Madrid and Castilla la Mancha Community, concentrated areas having the largest Romanian communities in Spain. The purpose of the Project is to provide the Romanian pupils with the option of learning in Romanian some basic financial notions to acquire some healthy financial consumption patterns, which will represent the basis for further economic decisions. 

The schools elected are those where Romanian children represent the largest foreigners group present within the local communities (17.6% of the total number of foreign pupils). The project aims to be a pilot-project and it will join more than 250 pupils and teachers in the primary education cycle.

"In this academic year, both from the perspective of the Centennial and of celebrating 20 years of activity of CEC Bank, we are proud to joint this reference Project for the Romanian banking system. Such initiative is a natural continuance of the financial education project started by CEC Bank in Bucharest and in the country, in the rural environment, in which more than 5 200 pupils and teachers have participated. The last year project will continue also in this schooling year, expanding also in the urban environment, besides the rural one, as well as outside the country borders, within the Romanian communities”, has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, interim CEO and President of CEC Bank Board of Directors.

"Over the years, the FLAME Foundation focused on the initiatives intended to support the Romanian communities abroad in view of their integration and enabling their access to the education and healthcare services needed for the improvement of the living conditions for their members, promoting in parallel keeping of the material and spiritual connections between thwe Romanian migrants and Romania. This Project is part of the action directions of the Foundation, intended to promote the entrepreneurship and financial education across the Romanian migrants and their children”, has added Mrs. Cristina Dobre, President of the Board of Directors of the Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration ("FLAME").


About CEC Bank

CEC Bank is a competitive universal commercial bank with a varied portfolio of high-quality products and services, as: loans for legal and natural persons, deposits, cards, letters of guarantee, treasury products, externally funded programmes, European funds, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking Services. According to the mission of CEC Bank, funding of SMEs, agriculture and local public governance authorities represents the main concern of the Bank, without neglecting the relationship with the population of Romania. For more details on CEC Bank products and services, please contact us in any territorial agency or call us free of charges at 0.800.800.848 or access our website


The FLAME Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014 by Dan W. Lukfin, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th century, which has as mission to identify and support some projects and programmes supporting the members of the Romanian communities from abroad. Another action direction of the Foundation is encouraging of the entrepreneurship by promoting the main qualities proved by the Romanian migrants, namely: courage, initiative, persistence and integrity.