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In only two weeks as of the date of launching the "INVESTING IN YOU" Programme, CEC Bank has received through its territorial units, more than 500 Funding Applications from potential customers, their number being in ongoing progress. Out of the total number, of applications, 220 loan applications have the full documentation required and their analysis is in progress, 10 loan applications being already approved. By the end of the last week, the Bank signed the first loan agreements with the Programme beneficiaries. 

About 50% of the number of loan applicants is represented by young people aged between 16 and 26 years old not yet reached, enrolled both in the education system and in the occupational training system. The Bank benefited of the active involvement of the guarantee funds related to this Programme, being about five guarantee applications addressed to the National Loan Guarantee Fund for SMEs (FNGCIMM) and one guarantee application addressed to the Romanian Counter-guarantee Fund (FRC), the latter having already received a positive resolution.

"By the involvement in the INVESTING IN YOU Programme developed by the Ministry of Public Finances and the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis, CEC Bank goes on with its policy of supporting the funding granted to the natural persons, contributing in this manner to the education and occupational training and living condition improvement process”, has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, interim CEO and President of the CEC Bank Board of Directors.

CEC Bank is available to provide its customers with information on the "INVESTING IN YOU" Study Loan, through its more than 1 000 territorial units. For more details, please contact us by visiting our website or by calling free of charges, the telephone number 0800800848.