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CEC Bank, the financial institution with the longest tradition and the largest territorial network in Romania, joins the fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. CEC Bank granted sponsorships worth approximately one million lei (200,000 euros) to nine public hospitals from the most affected regions of the country, for the purchase of protective equipment and materials needed for staff in Romanian hospitals

"CEC Bank has been involved in cases relevant to Romanians and communities in need. We sponsor these nine hospitals in smaller cities - but which are in the communities most affected by the new coronavirus. We have also launched special lending offers for employees from hospitals - to show our gratitude to those who fight on the front line and take care of us and we have taken special measures to pay pensions, to protect the elderly, the most vulnerable to this disease", said Bogdan Neacsu, President , General Manager of CEC Bank.

Nine hospitals were sponsored - from Bucharest and from medium and small cities in eight counties where there is a higher number of diseases than the national average: Suceava (St. John the New County Emergency Hospital Suceava), Timis (Municipal Hospital "Dr. Teodor Andrei" Lugoj), Alba (Blaj Municipal Hospital), Hunedoara (Orastie Municipal Hospital), Constanta (Medgidia Municipal Hospital), Brasov ("Aurel Tulbure" Fagaras Municipal Hospital), Neamt (Piatra-Neamt County Emergency Hospital ) and Galati (Municipal Hospital "Anton Cincu" Tecuci).

The money will be used to purchase equipment and medical supplies needed by hospital staff to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

Other measures taken by CEC Bank in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: