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CEC Bank launches a new savings product dedicated to the natural person customers, namely the Subsequent Savings Deposit in RON for a period of 12 months. The annual bonus interest on the launching date is of 2% a.p. for the deposits constituted at the Bank cash-desks, while for the deposits constituted through alternative channels, the bonus interest given is of 0.25 a.p.

The amount of the deposit at the depositing date is of minimum RON 500, the subsequent deposits allowed throughout the deposit term being of minimum RON 500 each. Upon maturity, the deposit term may be extended by a period of time equal with that set forth in the contract until the deposit liquidation, being maintained also the facility offered by the Bank not to charge cash withdrawal fee on the maturity date of the deposit. The amounts are guaranteed according to the law by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

"By launching the Subsequent Savings Deposit, CEC Bank meets the expectations of the natural person customers through a flexible saving product which benefits of a competitive interest rate. We consider both creating loyalty among the existing customers and attracting new customers, through solutions appropriate for an optimal management of their cash availabilities", has declared Mr. Laurentiu Mitrache, CEO and President of CEC Bank Board of Directors.

The deposit can be constituted both at the Bank’s cash-desks in more than 1 000 territorial units of the Bank, out of which about 500 are located within the rural environment, and through the digital solutions as CEC Bank Mobile Banking, Internet Banking CEConline or Phone Banking TeleCEC.

For more information on the CEC Bank’s products and services, please contact us in any territorial unit, call us to 0.800.800.848 free of charge or access our website .