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The CEC BANK SA shareholder, the Romanian State, represented by the Ministry of Public Finances, decided to amend the Bank’s Articles of Incorporation to the end of adopting the split management system (the separation of the position of President of the Board of Directors from the position of CEO and President of the Management Committee). At the same time, the General Meeting of Shareholders of CEC BANK SA established the appointment of Mrs. Mihaela Popa as interim CEO and President of the Management Committee and of Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea as President of the Board of Directors of the Bank.

Mrs. Mihaela Popa joined the management team, as Vice-president coordinating the Corporate Division, in September 2007, previously occupying the position of Sales Manager in the Bucharest Subsidiary of CEC Bank. Graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Finances and Banks, Mrs. Mihaela Popa has an experience of more than 30 years in the banking business. She started her career in 1978 within the Romanian Foreign Commerce Bank (BRCE), where she advanced to the position of Subsidiary Manager. From 1999 to 2003, she was CEO of Banca Italo Romena, and from 2003 to 2006, she was subsidiary manager and regional manager within Raiffeisen Bank Romania. She attended several European training courses, especially in the field of sales, and amongst the received prizes, there is also the Leading Corporate Executive Award, granted for her skills and passion showed in managing the CEC Bank employees.

"Besides the duties and responsibilities, the appointment in such position represents for me a moment of double emotional load. On one hand, I regard it as an takeover of the relay started 11 years ago, next to President Ghetea and the colleagues within the Management Committee.  It was not easy but, together, we succeeded to win a fist step in this relay and currently, CEC Bank is amongst the elite Romanian banks, being a universal modern and competitive commercial bank. On the other hand, I am sure that the difficult part is yet to come as the Bank must continue its race and ascending development trend experienced in the last decade and obtain, during the next period of time, a visible impact in terms of efficiency increase", has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, CEO and President of CEC Bank’s Management Committee.

"Although our journey by now was not an easy one, together we succeeded to achieve the objective established in 2007: to transform our bank from a savings bank into a competitive universal commercial bank. The success of "CEC Bank" Project can not be disputed by anyone and fully shows that the decisions adopted until now were correct and necessary. I thank to the entire team of CEC Bank for the support they provide to me in my capacity of President of the institution. The successful projects of the Bank must be continued and I wish further success to the entire team of CEC Bank, managed by Mrs. Mihaela Popa, a professional with a wide experience”, has added Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank.

In the present, the Management Committee of CEC Bank is made of Mrs. Mihaela Lucica Popa – Interim CEO, Mr. Andrei Liviu Stamatian – Director and First-Vice-president, Mr. Gheorghe Carabasan – Director and Vice-president and Mrs. Mirela Iovu – Director and Vice-president. The Bank’s Board of Directors is made of Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea - President, Mr. Andrei Liviu Stamatian - Member, Mrs. Mihaela Lucica Popa - Member, Mr. Gheorghe Carabasan - Member, Mr. Ciprian Badea - Member, Mrs. Mirela Sitoiu - Member, Mr. Valentin Mavrodin - Member, Mr. Mihai Gogancea Vatasoiu - Member, Mrs. Mirela Calugareanu - Member and Mrs. Elena-Oana Iacob - Member.