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1. Terms and conditions

All the information regarding the products and services described within this site are available only for CEC Bank S.A. and are their exclusive property. Also, CEC Bank S.A. owns all intellectual property rights (including the database rights) concerning the trademarks, service marks, logos and all the other materials presented within this site.

CEC Bank S.A.  endeavors to present as clear and concise possible all the information from this site. However, CEC Bank S.A. is not and will not be legally responsible under any circumstance for any inadvertence and erroneous description of the information presented in this site. In order to find out further information about CEC Bank S.A. products and services, you may contact any clerk at our bank offices as well as calling for free at: 0 800 800 848 - TELVERDE.

It is forbidden to reproduce, to distribute and publish, in any form, the content of the materials presented within this site by any individual, without prior consent. Otherwise, this means an infringement of the intellectual property right and it is sanctioned in accordance with the legislation in force.

Neither of the materials presented on this site constitutes firm offer to contract, so much the more, they do not constitute as an offer of sale of some financial instrument or product. The currency quotes, the value of the financial instruments, the value of the offered percentages and products can fluctuate and/or can be affected by the national and/or international economic changes.

Any of the products and services presented here will not be provided by CEC Bank S.A. to an individual if the law of his/her country of origin or from any other country that relates to the individual concerned bans this thing. The reader of this message is asked to ensure himself/herself if he/she is legally authorized to connect to this site in the country where the connection is established.

Any attempts to modify the image and the information from this site, except for its legal holder – CEC Bank S.A., give the unilateral and unequivocal right for CEC Bank S.A. to use all its prerogatives to address to the competent authorities for sanctioning this fact.

Information concerning the deposits guarantees

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